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We've Moved!

Norville Opticians (Bishop’s Cleeve) have joined our friends at Guilford & Carter Optometrists

We had hoped to send you this message sooner, however, there were a few unexpected delays which we sincerely apologise for. On the bright side, the timing means that we can also take this opportunity to wish you and all of our patients a very Happy New Year.


2022 is a very exciting time for us. As you may already know, just a few weeks ago Norville Opticians merged with our friends at Guilford and Carter Optometrists and together we have created an enlarged and enhanced new practice at 21 Church Road, Bishop’s Cleeve under the name of Guilford & Carter.


Guilford & Carter have been caring for the eye health of the community since 1994. We are delighted that our newly combined practice will be able to offer an even better service and range of frames in a spacious environment.


Steve Guilford, Guilford & Carter’s Director, said: “We are looking forward to giving a warm welcome to the loyal patients from Norville Opticians and ensuring that they receive the highest standard of care, with the added benefits that our new team will provide.”


Helen, Anne and Debra from Norville Opticians have joined the team, so you will see the same friendly faces, as well as some new ones.


All patient records have been safely and confidentially transferred to Guilford & Carter and we look forward to welcoming you to our new premises.


We will contact you when you are due for your examination and if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us on our new number 01242 675964.

For further information, please call   01242 675964

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